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New Zealand Intermediate Mathematics Teaching and Learning Resources








EBMC Resources offers a complete Year 7 and Year 8 Mathematics teaching program.

We specialise in differentiated learning, including support and extension materials.


Our aim is to create quality, consistency and ease of instruction in Intermediate Mathematics classrooms across Aotearoa. 

Teacher with Pupils

What Staff Are Saying

Catherine Linnell
Year 7 Mathematics Teacher
Auckland, New Zealand

"This unit is exactly what I was looking for and needed. As an experienced Maths teacher, but time poor, I was looking for a pre-prepared unit that I could pick up and use immediately, with minimal prep time required.


Because this complete unit comes with a PowerPoint that matches up exactly with the Student Workbook, I was able to work step by step with my students, while also being able to give the faster workers opportunity to work independently.


EBMC have totally nailed it! Thank you, EBMC!"

Rochelle Taylor
Year 7 and Year 8 Reliever
Auckland, New Zealand

"These resources are fantastic! As a relief teacher I found these extremely helpful. They are easy to follow and allow for continuity in the students education as the reliever can simply pick up where the class teacher left off. Not to mention the students know exactly what they are doing.

An excellent teaching tool, and an asset to the classroom.

I would thoroughly recommend these to other Mathematics teachers."

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