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About Us

About Us


Our Story

Our Mission

How We Started

EBMC Resources was founded by two intermediate Maths teachers who kept reinventing the wheel. They decided to combine their expertise of Maths teaching to create engaging, differentiated teaching and learning resources that staff and students would love. Their goal was to create a teaching programme that would reduce planning time significantly, giving teachers more time, energy, ease and enjoyment in the classroom!

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to empower our NZ Kaiako to lead with confidence from the front of the Maths classroom. By empowering staff with the resources they need, we gift them time and energy to pour back into their students - thus empowering our rangatahi too!

We want to help hard-working teachers acheive greater mental health, well-being and work/life balance. We are all for the hauora of our Kaiako!

Our Team

Meet the hard-working, problem-solving Mathematics experts that developed emPowerED Maths!

The Story Behind

Teachers Helping Teachers

How It All Began

By accident!

That's sometimes how the best ideas start! EBMC Resources began with two Intermediate Mathematics specialists working in classes next to each other, both reinventing the wheel by spending hours looking for online activities, flicking through textbooks, photocopying and trimming worksheets so they fit perfectly into students’ Maths books. Through close observations of (or spying on) cool things happening in each other’s classrooms, they decided to join forces and build a Maths programme that would have everything to make life enjoyable as Maths teachers.

It very quickly became evident that to produce a professional and comprehensive lesson each day that engaged students at three differentiated levels was crazy! Planning was massive and very time consuming. It dawned on them that all NZ Intermediate Maths teachers were doing this amount of planning, plus approaching their lessons exhausted and feeling unappreciated for the amount of personal time used for planning and marking.

This strongly motivated the duo to collaborate over the next four years. They developed and refined their Intermediate programme with the aim to empower NZ teachers in Mathematics, and therefore empower NZ students! Hence the name of their series: emPowerED Maths.

In true form, this duo’s feedback came from their very own students (whose ability ranged from Year 7 to Year 8), helping them refine the programme to have a funky and cool look that engaged students. Plus other teachers and relievers who adopted the programme had their say!

EBMC Resources appreciates NZ teachers and hopes they enjoy the extra time, energy and confidence they will get back when using the emPowerED Maths programme. Let's put the focus back on ‘real’ teaching: working alongside students and building positive, professional relationships. No more worries about planning!

Trust us, this program has boosted quality, consistency and ease in our classrooms. We want the same for you!

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