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Why Our Programme

Why Our Programme

Hover over these problems of practice to check out our solutions!

Top 4 Problems Schools Face
(+ Our Solutions)

Do you struggle with planning for differentiation?

We offer 3 differentiated levels of work for EVERY Maths concept. This empowers students to choose their appropriate level depending on the topic. All concepts include support, on-level and extension level practice pages and puzzles, ready at your fingertips!

Is kaiako well-being, mental health, hauora and work/life balance important to you and your school?

The emPowerED Maths programme directly benefits teachers' hauora by significantly reducing planning time, guaranteed. This may reduce stress and workload and will certainly give them back more time and energy to invest into their students! They will also provide an excellent work/life balance. Happy teachers, happy students, happy principal!

Are your kaiako overwhelmed with a heavy workload?

We guarantee our products will significantly reduce planning time for teachers, lifting the weight of a heavy workload. This allows kaiako to complete all admin work and reporting during non-contact time, and build positive professional relationships with ākonga during class!

Is student well-being and mental health an important focus for your school?

With the emPowerED Maths programme, teachers are no longer spending long hours planning or preparing resources. Instead, they have time to direct teach in the classroom, interact with every student and build positive professional relationships. This also gives teachers opportunities to observe any warning signs and have meaningful conversations with students who may struggle with mental health.

Other Problems of Practice
(+ Our Solutions)

Are you looking to include more te reo Māori in your Maths lessons?

emPowerED Maths includes te reo Māori on every page in some shape or form. This is a great opportunity for teachers to teach some te reo or learn alongside their students. We also have a Māori unit for each year level that focuses on teaching te reo within a Maths context.

Are you constantly looking for resources that align with the NZ Maths curriculum?

We've got you covered. We are NZ Made and aligned with the current NZ Maths curriculum. We will be revamping our entire curriculum for the 2025 school year to be aligned with the NEW NZ Maths curriculum.

Do you value parent involvement and support at home in Maths?

The emPowerED Maths programme is easy for parents to follow along and support their children at home. The Home Learning series is a great way to involve parents with 1 page homework sheets that align with the emPowerED Maths lessons taught at school. We also offer a series for parents called eQuippED Maths @ Home. It has a comic-book feel that kids love!

Do you sometimes find yourself repeating a mathematical process to multiple students?

We've got you covered! Detailed instructions (with examples) of all mathematical processes are found in the Teaching Introduction Pages. When students ask, encourage them to use this resource and save your vocal cords to answer deeper, thought-provoking questions!

Do you often have relief teachers in for Maths?

Our emPowerED Maths programme is designed to be picked up and used by any teacher, including relievers. It is also empowers the students to lead and be an active participant in their learning. Maths lessons can carry on as usual even when the teacher is away. The planning is already done so no additional relief plans needed!

Do some of your teachers lack confidence or experience teaching Maths?

Our programme is designed to be picked up and used by all teachers, regardless of their confidence or experience teaching Maths. Specifically, our Teaching Introduction Pages along with the matching Teaching Presentations are easy to use with a class and provide questions, examples and instructions for mathematical processes.

Are your teachers delivering the same level and standard of Maths in all classes?

emPowerED Maths brings consistency to Maths teaching across the board. While teachers are welcome to add their own personal flare, the content and levels of work offered to students is the same. The curriculum leader and parents can have confidence that all students are being taught at the right level and standard.

Do you lose valuable teaching time due to students cutting and gluing papers into their book?

Not anymore! With emPowerED Maths, every learner can have their own Student Workbook. This saves time printing, cutting and gluing. Plus it looks tidy and students love them!

Do you want to gain time to observe your team teaching Maths?

The emPowerED Maths programme can be picked up and used by any teacher. This can free up curriculum heads, heads of department and team leaders to observe, support and provide feedback to their Maths teachers.

Do you believe students work best using paper and pencil to show their mathematical working?

We believe using paper and pencil is important to Maths learning. Whether you have our Student Workbooks or print from our PDF, students are able to show their calculations and thinking on paper.

Do your new and overseas teachers need guidance on the NZ Maths curriculum?

The emPowerED Maths programme is great for beginning and overseas teachers! It aligns with the NZ Maths curriculum and provides step-by-step processes taught in the NZ way, along with giving them a robust Maths lesson structure.

Do you value direct teaching with your class?

Our Teaching Introduction Pages along with the matching Teaching Presentations have all the resources your kaiako need to facilitate engaging discussions, ask probing questions and create deep understanding in a face-to-face context.


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