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Year 7 Home Learning Book PDF

Year 7 Home Learning Book PDF

Looking for a cohesive at-home learning solution that syncs perfectly with classroom instruction? Introducing the emPowerED Maths Home Learning Series—a tailored homework companion to our best-selling emPowerED Maths Student Workbooks.


Features Inside:

  • One-Page Per Topic: Each Year 7 Maths topic is distilled into a single, focused homework page, making it digestible and manageable for students.
  • Holistic Learning: Each page incorporates basic facts practice, revision of prior topics, hands-on practice of the current topic, thought-provoking worded questions, and an engaging puzzle for reinforcement.
  • Character-Driven Guidance: To add a layer of fun and relatability, cartoon characters appear throughout the pages offering timely tips and helpful hints.
  • Curriculum Aligned: Stay in sync with educational standards, as the series strictly aligns with the New Zealand Maths Curriculum.


Why Teachers and Students Love It:

  • Teachers appreciate the seamlessness of homework that directly corresponds with in-school lessons, simplifying tracking and assessment.
  • Students find learning enjoyable thanks to charming cartoon characters that offer guidance, making math feel less daunting.


The emPowerED Maths Home Learning Series isn't just homework; it's an integrated extension of our classroom-focused Student Workbooks. Its user-friendly layout and engaging features make it a must-have for teachers looking for a streamlined, effective home learning strategy. Add it to your teaching toolkit and amplify your students' learning journey today!

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