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Year 7 eQuippED Maths @ Home Book PDF

Year 7 eQuippED Maths @ Home Book PDF

Want to make math practice enjoyable for your kids at home? Discover eQuippED Maths @ Home Series—an engaging comic-inspired guide that turns numbers into narratives.


Highlights Include:

  • Comic-Style Learning: The book employs a comic-like format, making math both entertaining and relatable for young learners.
  • Worked Examples: Step-by-step solutions guide kids through complex problems, enhancing their understanding.
  • Diverse Practice: The book offers a balanced blend of basic facts, numerical questions, worded problems, and intriguing puzzles for all-round practice.
  • Helpful Hints: Alongside the comics are helpful hints to guide your child through trickier topics, making learning a breeze.
  • Curriculum Aligned: Rest easy knowing the material complies with the New Zealand Maths Curriculum, ensuring your child is on track.


Why Parents and Kids Love It:

  • Parents appreciate a home-based math resource that’s both educational and entertaining.
  • Kids are drawn to the comic-style format and tips that make math less intimidating and more fun.


eQuippED Maths @ Home Series isn't just a workbook; it's an adventure into the world of math that your child will actually enjoy. Make it your go-to home learning resource today!

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