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Year 7 Part 1 Student Workbook

Year 7 Part 1 Student Workbook

Our emPowerED Maths Student Workbooks are designed to have everything you need to teach Maths! For each mathematical concept, they contain 2 Teaching Introduction Pages (matching the Teaching Presentations exactly), 3 Differentiated Practice Pages (support, on-level and extension) and 1 Puzzle Page.


Our Student Workbooks are aligned with the New Zealand Maths Curriculum. Part 1 includes the following units: Whole Number, Decimal Number, Special Number, Order of Operations, Integers, Statistics and Probability.


Our hard copy books allow students to learn Maths with paper and pencil, and allow teachers to reduce printing, cutting and gluing! Let us do all the planning for you - we are all for giving back time and energy our hard-working teachers!

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