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Why Our Programme

Why Our Programme

  • Teachers often rely on a range of textbooks and online Mathematics resources to use that leads to inconsistency, minimal differentiation and lack of quality in instruction.

  • Our NZ student Mathematics achievement has been rated the lowest in the world.

  • Provide our NZ teachers and students with the teaching and learning tools: quality and consistent teacher  presentations and student workbooks.

  • Provide a stress-free teaching program aimed to improve our NZ teachers’ well-being by giving staff back time and energy, which can then be spent building positive relationships with students..

  • Provide a comprehensive, differentiated and engaging Maths program that includes student notes, practice pages and fun activities. A one-stop shop!

  • Provide a high quality, professional program based on the NZ curriculum, aiming to grasp the interest of our NZ Intermediate students and grow confidence in both staff and students.

  • Each lesson is easy to follow, packed with many model examples for the teachers. The teaching presentation is a complete lesson, so staff won't have to spend hours putting together material.

  • This is a 1-stop-shop! Each concept includes modelled examples, problem solving questions, exploration, teaching presentations to match student notes, independent practice, puzzles and codebreakers. Great for when relievers step in - minimal planning and no drop in quality!


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