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Basic Facts Programme

Schools - Purchase Now!

Schools - Purchase Now!

Student Workbooks







emPowerED Maths Student Workbooks

$27.50 each

Year 8 Part 1.png
Year 7 Part 1.png

PDF: $6.25   per student per part!

Answer  Books







emPowerED Maths Answer Books

$22.50 each

Year 8 Part 2 Answer Book Cover.png
Year 7 Part 2 Answer Book Cover.png

PDF: $15   per teacher per part!

Homework Books







emPowerED Maths Home Learning Books

$27.50 each

Year 8 Home Learning.png
Year 7 Home Learning.png

Teacher Subscriptions





emPowerED Maths Teacher Subscription

$100 each per year

Decimal Numbers Addition Screenshot 2.png

Teaching presentations and student workbook answers!

2024 Sale
on Now!
30% off select items!*


*Sale does not apply to purchases for the 2023 school year.

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